Safety with Medication

nuchyleeIf you are a senior citizen or a caregiver you are dealing with a big amount of medicines. Aren’t you? This is something to take care about.

“The average senior citizen uses more than five different medications each day. This does not count nonprescription (over-the-counter drugs). As many as 90% of seniors also use herbal remedies and vitamins. While there is risk associated with each type of medication – including side effects, allergic reactions or interactions with food, alcohol or other drugs – the risk is magnified in seniors as they are typically more sensitive to these effects”, says Seymour Ehrenpreis and Eli D. Ehrenpreis.

Aging can affect the way medicines are absorbed and distributed by the body, and the way these drugs interact and work. Changes in body weight can affect the right doses for you and how long this medicine stays in your body. points:

To avoid medicinal poisoning, you can follow several important guidelines that will ensure you are taking the medicine you are intended to take, at the time you are supposed to take it, and with the medication it is safe to be taken with. Following these guidelines is an option, but if you want to avoid accidental poisoning, you will be wise and follow these guidelines to ensure proper taking of medication.

These guidelines are:

  • Keep a medicine list.
  • Maintain constant contact with your Doctor.
  • Understand your medication.
  • Use a primary Pharmacy.
  • Identify medical interactions.
  • Keeping everything in control.

Finally, provides more information about this important issue. You can click and learn more here.

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