Social Media for Elderly

According to a study by the University of Sydney in Australia, is good for seniors to use social media because this helps them to fight loneliness and the feeling of isolation.

Foto tecnologia-redes por cooldesignBy Maria Eugenia Fanti

Technology is a priority for the humans of our twenty-first century. An important part of new technologies are social media that can be defined as a set of services within the web that allow people to communicate, interact, share content and form virtual communities. Examples of social media are: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, Pinterest, to name a few.

According to a study by the University of Sydney, Australia “Connecting Older Adults Project” social media helps elderly to combat loneliness and other feelings of isolation. In the study, 150 seniors were trained in the use of social media and every 6 months were assessed on its progress.

Mila Pinka, a 67 years old Australian, who participated in the study admits: “it is very good, I am not feeling alone, I do not feel depress, the use of social media has made me feel part of the community again”. This project also enforced that the participants remained involved in the learning of new technologies, in fact, most used social media on a daily basis, after completing the study.

The study showed that the use of Skype helps seniors to maintain in contact with their loved ones who live far from them. With Facebook, many of them reconnect with old friends and could share videos and pictures of their lives.

It should be noted that “Connecting Older Adults Project” demonstrated the therapeutic use of social media for elderly and created a precedent not only in Australia, but in the whole world of the importance of training seniors in the use of technology, as well as defend their right to have access to the Internet.

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