The joy of living those moments in life

Some elderly feel lost; they miss their past, friends and work. How to fight against these feelings? The Third Age is an opportunity to perform those activities that always you dreamed accomplish and probably you couldn’t because you didn’t have money or time.  Never is late to do what you love, dreams have not limits.

By Marìa Eugenia Fanti

Aging involves physical, emotional and psychological changes that we have to live with a positive attitude. Some psychologists admit that we must learn to live without regrets, because it involves guilt, how many times we hear ourselves say: “If I had done this, I will have other position, another couple, another life”. Past is the past. Present is a gift and the only thing certainty. The future is unpredictable. So we must ask ourselves daily what am I doing today to be happy?

If you practiced sports when you were youth, this is a good idea to start again, maybe you won’t run a marathon, but you can go for a walk 15 to 20 minutes every day and feel better with yourself.  You always dream to become a painter? Well, this is a good time to take Art classes. Do you always like to write? Have you thought about writing a book? The latest Nobel Prize for Literature (2013) was Alice Munro at the age of 82 years old. Never is too late to succeed in what you love, as well as Mother Teresa wrote:

Always keep in mind that wrinkled skin

hair turns white,

day years become …..

But the point does not change,

your strength and conviction are not old.

Your spirit is any cobweb duster.

Behind every day of arrival, there is a game.

Behind every success, there is another challenge

While you’re alive, feel alive.

If you miss what you did, do it again.

Photo not live yellow …..

Follow although everyone expects you to leave.

Do not let the iron oxide in you.

Do that instead of pity, I have respect.

When the years you can not run, jog.

When you can not jog, walk.

When you can not walk, use the stick …

But never stop!

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Photo by Stock Images / Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos

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