Benefits of elderly owning pets

For elderly who live alone and feel loneliness studies have shown that owning a pet has therapeutic benefits, because pets can help reduce stress and make up the emotional vacuum that may occur to senior’s citizens

ChopinBy Maria Eugenia Fanti

Affinity, a Spanish non-profit Foundation carried out several studies about benefits of seniors owning pets. According to them having animals offer tenderness, loyalty, joy, makes our home a place full of love. This affection makes up loneliness that may feel a senior citizen.

According to the studies of Affinity elderly people who own pets are happier, feel that they have company and have a more positive attitude toward life. In addition to the emotional benefits, according to Affinity having a pet also brings physical benefits. The responsibility of caring for a pet requires to walk around, forced to leave home, which increases the physical mobility. At the same time, the tours help seniors to related with new people, neighbors, or other elderly with pets. This brings with it a psychosocial benefit.

In summary the benefits of owning a pet according to Affinity are: increased physical mobility, have more friends and an improvement in social life, use less medication, increase of wellbeing, control of loneliness and depression, entertainment, relaxation and a greater emotional balance. Having a pet is a source of joy for all, but certainly senior-owning pets may involve up to live longer and with a greater quality of life.

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