Have you ever dreamed about having a robot?

The science and technology are developing very fast. In Japan and Europe scientists have been designing robots for helping elderly in order to improve their quality of life. The future is now.

RobotBy Maria Eugenia Fanti

In Europe, EU-funded Company offers to elderly the possibility of having a robot that help them with: household chores, remembering the time to take their medicine, offering them their favorite drink and invite them to walk and to visit friends.

But not only Europe is making robots. Japan is developing various technologies to help seniors. Panasonic created a robot with 24 fingers that is an expert washing heads, very useful for a impair person. It should be noted that this robot has already been tested in Japanese beauty salons. Another very popular robot in Japan is “Paro”, who helps elderly to wash the dishes, load heavy things and administer medications.

Our country is not far behind in technology. Recently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Ooma Company showed a new wearable and smart phone to help elderly. For example, if you fall or if you have an accident, this device automatically calls the authorities and your family. So in an emergency you don’t even have to dial the number.

These are just small examples of how technology is advancing. Luckily, the companies have among their priorities develop products to help seniors. To dream is free, so have you already thought the name of your robot?

Foto por Luigi Diamanti / Cortesía de Freedigitalphotos

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