Grandparents by Skype

Many elderly have relatives living in other countries. Those who are living in Miami have family in Cuba and Venezuela, countries that may be difficult to travel, so how can you keep contact with your grandchildren and   other members of the family?

Photo by Oscar Fanti

Photo by Oscar Fanti

 By Maria Eugenia Fanti

If something has been achieved by new technologies is to improve communication. There are several programs that allow you to make long distance calls and at same time you can watch your relatives, such as: Face Time, Google Hangout @, ooVoo, Ekiga, among others. But, without a doubt one of the most easy to use and popular for the third age is Skype.

“I Live in Venezuela and I am a grandmother by Skype, I talk to my grandchildren and I watch them on screen, I speak with them at least one hour every week. I read stories and sing songs to them, I don’t know what I will do without Skype,” says Mrs. Maribel Medina.

It is important to note that in order to use Skype both people must have the program installed on their computer. To install it, we recommend you to visit this web site:

Once the program is installed you can use it. For user’s instructions we recommend this site:

If you do not want to install programs on the computer, don’t worry, ask your friends, children, grandchildren, they’ll surely has Skype and can help you to connect with your relatives, especially now that holiday season arrived. Do not be afraid of new technologies, if others can use it you also can. Don’t be shy to ask how new technology works, you will see that lot of people will be happy to help you.

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