Christmas presents for Grandparents

December is here and also Christmas. It is time for joy,  for sharing with family and also it is time for exchanging presents, but what are the best gifts for grandparents?

Regalos Navidad By Maria Eugenia Fanti

The main ingredient that must have any present should be love. The person of the third age requires more than ever feel loved and appreciated. So here below, there are some ideas of what presents you can give to them this Christmas:

1) Give them a photo album made by you. Put pictures with emotional moments you have lived together, like travels and also grandchildren’s stories.

2) Give to Grandpa or to Granny a photo of the whole family in a big and beautiful portrait, then, they can place it in their room and always remember that their family love them so much.

3)Make a cup or a mug  with their favorite grandchildren’s photo. Every morning when they drink their coffee, they will have a nice souvenir.

4) Make a feast this Christmas in honor of grandparents. This is a good opportunity to be thankful for everything they have given to us.

5) Give them a good book, especially one of their favorite authors.

6) The music is also a beautiful present. You can give them a CD or take them to the theater and watch together a musical. Remember  the most important thing is always telling grandparents how much you love them.

Photo by Grant Cochrane,  courtesy of Freedigitalphotos

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